July 25, 2016


Moose Blood Delight Fans, Surprise Themselves at NYC Debut: Live Review

Andrew Benge/Redferns
Andrew Benge/Redferns

There were a few indications that Moose Blood's debut New York City concert was going to go well. The first was that the audience was collectively singing along to My Chemical Romance before the British emo act took the Studio stage at Webster Hall. The second came when the crowd would yelp for any minor chord-stroke as the four-piece did a quick soundcheck. The third was that the rising act had sold out the room.

The crowd was ready to give the Canterbury, England natives a warm welcome, with one fan already crowd surfing before the chorus hit of opening number "Honey," a cut off Moose Blood's upcoming Blush album. Throughout the show, the band made the effort to subtly support their fans' fervor as singer Eddy Brewerton shrewdly ducked out the way of the crowd surfers jumping onstage only to dive back into the crowd. Mark Osborne and Kyle Todd, flanking Brewerton, gave approving smiles. The only semblance of diva-dom one could detect from the band was drummer Glenn Harvey, whose shoulder-length locks billowed in a fan-created breeze that looked more badass than Beyoncé.

What might have stood out the most is how genuine Moose Blood reacted to the love in the room. Upon finishing "Cherry"—which Brewerton described as "a song that means so, so much"—the singer only humbly told the crowd's hearty reaction "means more than you know" before bursting into the next track.

"We're so, so far from home and it's an actual dream to come to this city," Brewerton told the audience toward the end of the quick set. "The fact that we sold out this room blows out little minds. Thank you." And despite no encore—even with the chanting crowd protesting for more—it was all indication that this quietly rising quartet is about to make a lot more noise.

Listen to "Sulk," a new cut from Moose Blood's Blush—out Aug. 5—that premiered exclusively on Fuse: