July 13, 2016


Never Forget When 'Mr. Robot''s Rami Malek Was on 'Gilmore Girls'

Robin Marchant/Getty Images
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Mr. Robot season 2 is upon us, and on Wednesday night, we're about to embark on a whole new story with Rami Malek, who plays Elliot Alderson on the USA Network drama.

But before you launch back into Malek's role of cyber-security specialist and hacktivist, go back in time to revisit his very first role: a college student on Gilmore Girls.

Yep, Malek played one of Lane Kim's classmates at her Seventh-day Adventist college, and during his only scene on the show, he visited the Kim household to work on a school project. Watch him nail the awkward-kid vibe in 2004 below:

Malek is just one of the many actors who had small cameos on Gilmore Girls, including Victoria Justice, Sonic Youth and Jon Hamm. The GG reunion on Netflix is likely to air in November with four 90-minute episodes.