July 29, 2016


My Chemical Romance Reveal ‘The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts’ Reissue: Full Details

Matthew Simmons/WireImage for AOL Music
Matthew Simmons/WireImage for AOL Music

After teasing a 10th anniversary reissue of The Black Parade on Twitter (and inadvertently causing fans to wonder if a full-fledged reunion was going down), My Chemical Romance has announced the full details of The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts, due out Sept. 23.

The two-CD, three-LP set will feature unreleased demos and mixes from the Black Parade sessions. The 11-song Living With Ghosts also includes a rough mix of “The Five of Us Are Dying,” the song that would eventually become “Welcome to the Black Parade,” and has just been released:

The Black Parade was released on Oct. 23, 2006 and represents a commercial and critical high point for the group. My Chemical Romance disbanded in 2013, and frontman Gerard Way released his debut solo album one year later.

Check out the track list to The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts:

The Black Parade:

01 The End
02 Dead
03 This Is How I Disappear
04 The Sharpest Lives
05 Welcome To The Black Parade
06 I Don't Love You
07 Houses Of Wolves
08 Cancer
09 Mama
10 Sleep
11 Teenagers
12 Disenchanted
13 Famous Last Words
14 Blood (Hidden Track)

Living With Ghosts:

01 The Five Of Us Are Dying (rough mix)
02 Kill All Your Friends (live demo)
03 Party At The End Of The World (live demo)
04 Mama (live demo)
05 My Way Home Is Through You (live demo)
06 Not That Kind Of Girl (live demo)
07 House Of Wolves, Version 1 (live demo)
08 House Of Wolves, Version 2 (live demo)
09 Emily (rough mix)
10 Disenchanted (live demo)
11 All The Angels (live demo)