July 21, 2016


Netflix's 'Narcos' Season 2 Trailer: Pablo Escobar's Still Out There

So, did you finish Stranger Things yet? And you're all caught up on Orange Is the New Black and Grace and Frankie and you even checked out Lady Dynamite and went back for Jessica Jones and Love rewatches? Then Netflix and Pablo Escobar are ready for you.

"4,000 soldiers, tens of thousands of rounds fired...and a bunch of fuckin' helicopters," our narrator opens the Narcos Season 2 trailer. "There was no way Pablo Escobar was gettin' outta this one." It immediately cuts to Styx's thematically perfect 1979 track "Renegade." 

Explosions, bulletproof vests, gorgeous scenery, mustaches, sweaters and automatic weapons: Non-watchers will be bumping the show to the top of their queues by the time the two-minute morsel fades to black. Avid fans will be investigating ways to nap until Sept. 2.

Escobar was a Colombian drug lord who made billions off cocaine before dying at age 44. His brother Roberto recently demanded $1 billion from Netflix and insisted he get prior approval before the 10-episode second season premieres.