July 12, 2016


New Found Glory Still Has The Energy Of College Kids: Warped Tour Review

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

There might be a magic elixir available backstage at Warped Tour, because a ton of the longtime bands look like they haven't aged one bit since 2003. Yellowcard seems to have avoided aging since 2003, but New Found Glory may actually be aging in reverse—I don't think I was able to see a wrinkle on lead singer Jordan Pundik’s forehead. His hair is bleached like Lance Bass’ frosted tips circa 1997, and his skin still maintains a youthful glow, thanks to probably a fair amount of time spent in the sun.

Upon entering the stage at the Scranton, PA show on Monday, Pundik circled the stage, jumping around like he had about 10 Red Bulls (or Monster Energy Drinks, since that was the festival’s sponsor) and no time off from touring. 

The band hasn’t put out new music in a minute and used Warped Tour as a time to reminisce with fans, bringing back the feeling of the early-00’s glory days. While the instrumentals were booming and guitars soared with enough energy to provide an electric shock, technology was not fully on the band's side, as Pundik's vocals were muffled.

Nostalgia is the main theme of this year’s Warped Tour, and instead of trotting out a forward-thinking agenda, New Found Glory embraced the throwback vibe. Songs like “All Downhill From Here,” “Head On Collision” and “My Friends Over You” were sparkling reminders as to why the band was labeled “the godfathers of pop-punk” so long ago. We can only hope that the band will continue to tour (and maybe put out a follow-up to their 2014 record, Resurrection).