July 29, 2016


Watch Niall Horan Get Interviewed By a Savage Little Kid

Niall Horan has been through a lot of interviews during his time in One Direction, but he hasn't had one like this.

Horan sat down with a little kid named Billy before the Challenge Tour, a golf event in the U.K. (Niall's Modest! Golf Management company is the official partner of the event). And damn! Billy does not throw softballs.

Niall gets asked by the tiny dude about how many birdies he gets in a week (either a golf reference or an innuendo about how much sex he has), which makes Nialler chuckle a bit, and Billy also inquires about Simon Cowell's waistline.

They get temporary tattoos together (since Niall is the only member of 1D without ink), and Billy signs off with an ominous, "Good luck with your career. You're gonna need it."