July 6, 2016


Nickelodeon Bringing 'Double Dare' Back for One-Night Comic Con Event


'90s nostalgia is coming back in the slimiest way possible. Entertainment Weekly reports that Nickelodeon's iconic game show Double Dare—which splattered contestants in green slime during its trivia format—will be resurrected at San Diego Comic Con on July 22 for a single live event.

Host Marc Summers will return to the fore for the first time in 16 years to host, hopefully reprising some of that beautiful '90s dad-fashion in the process. 

This is all part of Nickelodeon's nightly block of nostalgia programming, The Splat. The Double Dare show at Comic Con will be livestreamed via The Splat's Facebook page, starting at 9:30 p.m. PT. Double Dare celebrates its 30th anniversary on October 6, which is a close enough milestone to resurrect the show for Comic Con. 

Marc Summers, in a statement released on Wednesday, sounds pretty stoked to get his slime on again: “Thirty years later, people still stop me on the street every day and tell me playing Double Dare is the one thing they wish they could have done growing up.” Summers is also hosting a week of Double Dare reminiscence on Nick starting July 25. 

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