*NSYNC's 'Celebrity' Anniversary: Ranking Every Song 15 Years Later

2001 was a confusing year for boy band fanatics, one where Backstreet Boys (who were riding high on the success of Millennium) released their fourth album Black & Blue. On the other end, their competition was slowly backing away from the spotlight. On July 24, *NSYNC unveiled their third and final record, aptly titled Celebrity.

It was clear a hiatus was imminent, as Justin Timberlake surpassed JC Chasez as the lead singer and began to take more creative control, co-writing and co-producing many tracks on the LP. *NSYNC disbanded in 2004, leaving fans without an explanation about the decision. So in honor of the 15th anniversary of Celebrity, a self-aware album about their fame, get into our personalized ranking of the songs.