July 6, 2016


'Pokémon GO' Is Here! Our First Impressions of the Mobile Game

#1It's heeere!

The good news: Highly anticipated Pokémon mobile game Pokémon GO has finally started rolling out for iOS and Android devices! The bad news: Right now it seems it's only out for real in Australia, New Zealand and a few other select countries.

This is the part where I gloat about not having an iPhone. On Android devices you can turn off a security setting and install apps that aren't actually in the app store, via download mirrors, without jailbreaking your phone! Well, I did just that and have been futzing around with Pokémon GO for an entire hour and change. Needless to say, I'm still not sure what I'm doing.

Alas, that's not stopping me from giving you guys a first look at what it's like to play the game on your phone. Click through for my initial impressions and knee-jerk reactions to Pokémon GO, as a newbie!

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