July 13, 2016


Is 'Pokémon GO' Turning Into a Live-Action Movie?


The popular mobile game Pokémon GO has taken over social media, everyone's lives and pretty much the world since its release earlier this month. So it comes as no surprise that Hollywood is looking to transform the game for the big screen.

According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures is trying to land the rights to the franchise so they can turn it into a live-action film based on the game. There are no confirmations from the media company as of now, but there are rumors circling that Max Landis (Chronicle, Victor Frankenstein, Mr. Right) will write the screenplay.

Nineteen animated Pokémon movies have been released since 1998, with only five played in the U.S., and this would be the first live-action one. The news comes after Nintendo's stock value soared more than 30 percent in a single day. Pokémon GO is even bigger than popular dating app Tinder on Android phones and is about to overthrow Twitter in active daily users. 

Its worldwide impact has also led to the game's developer looking to use the same augmented reality technology to build a Game of Thrones version. But before we get to catch 'em all on the big screen, take this quiz to see how well you know the original 151 Pokémon and check out some video game cosplayers at PAX East 2016: