July 26, 2016


Portable Sega Genesis With 80 Preloaded Games Coming Soon


You're already about to buy a miniature NES you can hold in your hand, but what will legacy gaming system will you hold in your other hand?

A Sega Genesis! The new Sega Mega Drive (the original console's name outside North America) will arrive in October in both a portable size and regular, plug-into-your-TV size. It's being released in tandem with Sonic the Hedgehog's 25th anniversary. The Genesis itself debuted in Japan in 1988 and in the U.S. the next year.

The sweetest thing about this? It comes preloaded with 80 games (including six Sonic games, the first three Mortal Kombats and Vectorman I and II), which is more than double the mini-Nintendo's 30 games. The Mega Drive will reportedly run you $65; the teeny NES costs $60.

The non-portable version will still play your old Sega games, supports ROMs with an SD card and comes with two wireless controllers. The Next Web reports that the portable one has a 3.2-inch screen and a USB-chargeable battery.

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