July 20, 2016


'Power Rangers': See Our Heroes Unmasked in Futuristic Suits

Tucked into USA Today's San Diego Comic-Con preview is a striking new image of our modern day Power Rangers in their suits and showing their faces. So far we've had a little of both, but this is the moment where the Rangers and their human aliases inside the suits truly become one.

The USA Today article doesn't have any new info about the Power Rangers reboot (due March 24, 2017), but that photo warrants its own whole round of processing. If you missed the character posters last week, up top you're looking at, from left to right, Kimberly, Billy, Jason, Zack (Zach with an H is better, bro, sorry) and Trini.

We don't have particularly strong feeling about the armor yet, but some do:

  • "Iron Men (and Women) made out of bowling balls" –Gizmodo
  • "Joel Schumacher directed a live-action adaptation of an anime using late ’90s Trapper Keepers as his color inspiration" –ScreenCrush
  • "They are made out of delicious candy, right?" –Birth.Movies.Death
  • "Joel Schumacher fucked a bag of Jolly Ranchers" –also Birth.Movies.Death

For comparison's sake:

We previously learned that there may be five to seven more Power Rangers movies coming. Star Bryan Cranston also said to expect "as different a reimagining as the Batman television series [compared to] the Batman movie series."