July 22, 2016


'The Aliens Are Coming': The Best Overheard Quotes at the RNC

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Getty Images

The Republican National Convention may have ended with a Donald Trump-shaped bang on Thursday, July 21, but the thoughts expressed by strangers and the exchanges whispered between friends are forever burned into my weary brain. While vendors hawked weird merch and passerby told us the songs that reminded them of The Donald, I opened my ears to all of the juicy banter that emerged in the space between protests and political oration. 

Check out some of the most inspired overheard quotes at the RNC (note: we did not use any quotes from Donald Trump’s speech):

“People say we’re the laziest generation, but I walked all the way here.”

“I’ll be like your Meechum from House of Cards.”

“Now THAT is the art of the deal.”

“The ‘70s are back, baby! Peace is comin’!”

“Hey man, East Germany was a great place.”

“I’ve never killed anyone, and I wanna keep it that way.”

“The aliens are coming.“

“My trick is to introduce someone I meet to someone else hoping they say their name again.”

“So who wants to interview me now?”

“Is that the insult dog? That makes sense, since we have the insult candidate.”

“Be careful with your emails at the DNC.”

“What’s the deal with hyphenating everything nowadays?”

“Let’s get ‘er done, America.”

“Does this foam finger make me look fat?”

“Let's go make tequila great again.”