July 30, 2016


Watch Rihanna's Short and Sweet Video For 'Goodnight Gotham'

Rihanna runs toward a stampede of her screaming Parisian fans in the newly released video for "Goodnight Gotham." It's a brief but well produced clip, which sees the ANTI singer hoisted on the shoulders of her adoring fans as the Eiffel Tower's lights flicker in the background. 

The video captures a pretty cute moment, and judging by the size of the crowd—which is immense and totally intoxicated with Riri fever—the songstress appears lucky to have emerged without grievous bodily harm. 

Noisey points out that "Goodnight Gotham," wasn't necessarily the best candidate for a music video, considering that the song is basically a segue between the final songs of ANTI. But, Riri uses the opportunity to pay tribute to her squealing devotees around the world, which is a nice gesture. It definitely appears more like a thank you note and an homage to the City of Light than a highly-orchestrated music video. 

Next up, check out Rihanna in a throwback interview from ten years ago: