July 15, 2016


See 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' New Footage & Poster

Disney's annual Star Wars Celebration convention is going down right now, as we tweet, and it's hitting us with intergalactic dividends. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the belle of the ball so far, with its Dec. 16 release just one day shy of exactly five months away. For geek-the-eff-out starters, this new behind-the-scenes reel—which also features fresh straight-up film footage—ends with lead character Jyn Erso wryly saying, "May the Force be with us."

In the movie that doesn't feature any prominent Jedi. Yup. This is amazing.

The new Rogue One footage also shows more Normandy-esque battle action, Stormtroopers wading through azure waters and a rural wide shot very reminiscent of Luke Skywalker watching Tattooine's twin suns in Episode IV: A New Hope, which itself birthed the closing shot of the prequel trilogy, with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru holding baby Luke and gazing out in the same way. (You did nail that one, George Lucas.)

Also: new Rogue One poster alert!

Star Wars
Star Wars

In the Star Wars Celebration reel, one actor muses that, with Rogue One, "It's about the humanity of it, which just makes the whole thing so real." The clip also touches on how director Gareth Edwards aimed to compose shots with an analog touch, an approach Episode VII: The Force Awakens also took when possible.

How is Edwards—whose only features so far are the Godzilla remake and Monsters—holding up, by the way?

"The pressure's so high. Like, we're making a film that's right touching my favorite movie of all time. But then if you're too respectful of it, that you daren't do anything new or different or take a risk, then what're you bringing to the table?"

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