July 27, 2016


Sarah Silverman's Twitter Hacked by Anonymous After Bernie Sanders Comment


Oh my goodness gracious. This election season seems like one childish game, with the Republicans and Democrats tossing juvenile disses (and actual misogyny) this way and that. It's exhausting. On the Democrat side, the party seems a bit split as supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders are still attacking candidate Hillary Clinton, despite him endorsing her.

Comedian Sarah Silverman isn't immune from the Hillary hate. As an #ImWithHer supporter who spoke at this week's Democratic National Convention, Silverman was targeted by the hacking collective Anonymous, which cracked open her Twitter to slip out an anti-Hillary tweet.

"America, are you awakening?" the tweet read, linking to a video. "#Hilary4Prison #anonymous." It was followed by some Russian text.

Of course, Silverman's followers knew that the tweet hadn't come from her. But she felt the need to clarify, later deleting the hack-tweet:

Silverman has been pro-Sanders throughout his campaign, but during her speech at the DNC, she told Bernie supporters (some call them Bernie Bros) to lay off. "Can I just say, to the Bernie or Bust people, you're being ridiculous," she said.

OK, now watch our DNC coverage, will you?