July 13, 2016


The Larger Significance of Selena Gomez Snatching the Most-Liked Instagram Pic Ever

@SelenaGomez on Instagram/@JustinBieber on Instagram
@SelenaGomez on Instagram/@JustinBieber on Instagram

Selena Gomez and her 89.3 million Instagram followers landed the singer-actress the photo app's most-like photo of all time on Wednesday. With 4.1 million likes as of press time, a gorgeous, well-filtered portrait of the Coca-Cola spokeswoman holding a soda bottle boasting her "Me & The Rhythm" lyric from June 25 has earned the most hearts since Instagram's 2010 creation.

Awesome, right? Pretty people are great.

The photo surpasses a March 19 throwback paparazzi photo Gomez's ex Justin Bieber posted of the former couple when they shared a fun beach date in 2011. That photo has 3.7 million likes as of press time. 

Both Gomez and Bieber have huge social media followings (duh), but what's significant with this Instagram battle is that the most-liked photo is the more empowering one.

Throughout the rollout of their respective 2015 albums Purpose and Revival, the narrative for Justin and Selena's albums couldn't have been more different. While the Biebs continued sharing his ex as a core inspiration of the album, Gomez kept pushing that she was "so sick of that same old love" and couldn't have been further past the relationship. In fact, in the midst of the accompanying Revival Tour Gomez full-on destroyed a "MARRY JUSTIN PLEASE" poster she spied in the crowd.

That statement only grows louder by the content that's being most supported by their following. The fact that the old makeout snap of the former couple was surpassed by a single shot of Gomez (endorsing the biggest brand in the world no less) says loads about how Gomez has solidified herself by her own means... instead of profiting from anyone else.

It's an unfortunate reality that if the positions were flipped, Gomez would likely be criticized (and received way less likes) if she was posting a pic of her and her ex, while Bieber got thumbs up for the sensitivity. But the overwhelming support of Selenators shows that maybe, just maybe, we're starting to get to a point where a badass woman in charge finally is more liked than the heartbroken heartthrob. That's something to tap twice for again and again.

Watch below as Selena told us about her empowering friendship with Taylor Swift: