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10 Britney Spears Songs Just as Sexy as 'Make Me...'

Brit's known for bubblegum smashes, but the superstar is spotlighting her love of sensual songs with "Make Me..." Fans know she's a huge fan of bedroom bangers, here are her 10 best with accompanying sexy ratings

1 / 10

"Breathe on Me" From 'In the Zone' (2003)

A longtime fan favorite, "Breathe on Me" is the hit single that got away from the extremely sexy In the Zone album. Going full Lolita on us, Brit details how the anticipation of just physically breathing next to someone can be just as good as sex. And that pulsating bridge? Yeah, that's definitely a sonic representation of an orgasm. 

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as making out with a hot stranger in an elevator, and both of you acting like nothing happened when you hit your destination floor.

2 / 10

"Blur" From 'Circus' (2008)

This cut is one of the more underrated tracks from Britney’s 2008 Circus album, but almost every girl (and some guys) can relate to. The singer sultrily mumbles about a one-night stand after a party that she really can’t remember. Think of it as the successor to In The Zone's “Early Mornin’,” with just a bit more bedroom tease.

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as tip-toeing in heels out that random frat boy’s apartment before he wakes up.

3 / 10

"I'm a Slave 4 U" From 'Britney' (2001)

Perhaps the centerpiece of Brit's sexy discography, "I'm a Slave 4 U" is one of The Neptunes' best and most iconic beats ever. It was here when Britney full-on declared her sexuality, opening with: "I know I may be young, but I got feelings too / And I need to do what I feel like doing." While she's declaring to be a "slave" to her lover, it's clear from its message and video that Brit is feeling herself just as much as her dude. 

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as a sweaty session where you both stare at yourselves in the mirror the entire time.

4 / 10

"Early Mornin'" From 'In the Zone' (2003)

“Early Morning,” co-written and co-produced by Moby, show Britney being the ultimate sex kitten as she sings about picking up a bevy of men at a NYC club. The cooing, yawning vocals makes it all the more authentic—like she just woke up from a long night out.

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as drunkenly putting your hands down your guy’s pants before hooking up in the back of a cab at 4 a.m.

5 / 10

"Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" From 'Blackout' (2007)

One of the more experimental cuts from Blackout, "Get Naked" is a prime example of how crazy Brit and "Gimme More" producer Danja can get in the studio. Over a quirky, hip-hop beat Brit delivers her signature coos and comehithers about how her "body is calling out for you, bad boy" before moving into a bridge of moaning, "Get naked, get naked." 

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as walking into your hookup's apartment and seeing them undressed, waiting on the bed for you.

6 / 10

"Boys" From 'Britney' (2001)

“Boys,” the last single from Britney’s 2001 self-titled LP, finds Spears channeling her inner Janet Jackson (who also knows how to turn up the sex). The Neptunes' immaculate funky hip-hop production helps Brit’s naturally low register shine, as she whispers, growls and purrs to a sexy-haired guy on the dance floor.

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as sending a drink over the table where the guy you’ve been eyeing is sitting.

7 / 10

"Inside Out" From 'Femme Fatale' (2011)

To this day, I don’t understand why this song (off 2011’s Femme Fatale) wasn’t chosen as a single. The pounding dubstep-inspired beat stretches and twists just as rigid as the sexual tension between Brit-Brit and the lover she can’t seem to shake off. The referential nods to older hits “…Baby One More Time” and “You Drive Me Crazy” pushes the provocative vibes even further.

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as throwing on some sexy red lingerie under your trench coat before meeting your ex-boyfriend, because you can’t get enough of that bomb d—k.

8 / 10

"Touch of My Hand" From 'In the Zone' (2003)

The concept of female masturbation is by no means new, but Britney was one of the few singers talking about it on record with this stunning In the Zone standout. Britney declares "I love myself, it's not a sin" which was important for Brit's young listeners to hear in 2003 and the gorgeous arrangement around the atypical bedroom banger (that violin!) only make the message hit harder.

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as orgasming without touching yourself.

9 / 10

"Perfect Lover" From 'Blackout' (2007)

This intoxicating Blackout deep cut drips sexuality that only a pop princess can pull off, from its dreamy R&B and dance fusion to Brit’s iconic breathy coos. You’ll find yourself sweating long after the song is over!

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as pushing that cute model into the dark corner of the club’s VIP section to hook up, while everyone secretly watches.

10 / 10

"Unusual You" From 'Circus' (2008)

Most fans would agree Brit's comeback album Circus played it somewhat safe compared to other LPs, but "Unusual You" is one of the most progressive cuts with its sensual, trance sound. The lyrics are tender ("Baby, you're so unusual / Didn't anyone tell you you're s'posed to break my heart, I expect you to") and make this a bedroom banger with an adorable meaning.

How Sexy Is It? As sexy as realizing the dimepiece you've been banging on the regular is actually a really sweet person and definitely partner material.

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