July 27, 2016


Shonda Rhimes Torches Bill O’Reilly: 'Try Slavery'

Getty Images
Getty Images

Noted dummy-with-a-microphone Bill O’Reilly defended the United States’ use of slave labor in the creation of the White House, following Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention that brought up the sorry historical fact. He noted, awfully, that the slaves who helped construct the national symbol were “well-fed and had decent lodging,” essentially justifying slavery?

Noted hero Shonda Rhimes was not having it, and when she caught wind of the comments, she went to work on Twitter.

“Try slavery, Bill.  Let us know how good the food is while you wear chains,” is the money line. The villain has yet to respond following the Wednesday morning posts, possibly because he is too busy watching Donald Trump declare his allegiance to Vladimir Putin and his gang of Russian spies.

In more pro-Shonda news, the Scandal show-runner declared that the drama is not entering its final season, after an erroneous comment on Good Morning America declared it so: