July 8, 2016


Slayer Frontman Tom Araya Plays Irish Jig on a Mandolin in Dublin: Watch

About the last thing longtime Slayer disciples might expect from the band's frontman and bassist, Tom Araya, is a well-honed grasp of mandolin mechanics. 

But the long-haired metalhead can pluck with the best of them, according to an oldish video that's been unearthed by Blabbermouth. In June, Araya walked into Music Minds in Dublin, Ireland during the band's current European tour, looking for a new instrument to tickle his fancy. While eschewing the electric guitars (and all predictability), he picked up a mandolin and proceeded to shred. Watch the clip above. 

The video's YouTube description is all joy: 

"Tom Araya decided to drop by Music Minds in Dublin to see if he could find a new musical instrument to jam on. After much deliberation, he settled on a mandolin. I think you can agree he has found his true calling in music. Irish jigs will never sound the same to us again hahaha. Thanks so much for buying from my store and making my staffs day. The mans a legend."

Next up, watch Araya wax nostalgic about Slayer's good ole' days: