July 25, 2016


Video: Slipknot's Corey Taylor Kicks Fan Out of Concert Over 'Disrespect'

In the latest edition of Fans Piss Off Corey Taylor, a concertgoer managed to really get on the Slipknot frontman's bad side. During the metal act's Toronto show last week, a fellow was kicked out by Taylor himself. C'mon guys, have you not learned your lesson yet?

In the footage above, Taylor is seen calling someone in the front row a "little pussy" and a "bitch" before waving bye as the fan is ejected from the venue. According to the singer, the guy was being disrespectful, although he wouldn't reveal what exactly the fan was doing.

If you let YouTube commenters tell it, Taylor reportedly "threw a water bottle at him because he was talking with his girlfriend and not paying attention to the band." The singer hopped on Twitter to explain himself to other fans:

Just two weeks ago, Taylor smacked a phone away a fan who was texting in the front row. Slipknot will be hitting the road with Marilyn Manson next month, so stay tuned to find out what will piss off the singer next.

Till then, watch Corey Taylor in happier times in this Fuse interview at New York Comic-Con: