July 27, 2016


'Split' Trailer: M. Night Shyamalan's New Film Actually Looks Terrifying

After what was essentially a decade’s worth of cranking out critically reviled films both horror and non-horror, M. Night Shyamalan got a little bit of his groove back with 2015’s The Visit, a foray into found-footage scares that many audiences found effective. The comeback run will continue with Split, a new thriller that looks legitimately interesting based on its first trailer.

James McAvoy stars as Kevin, a man with over a dozen personalities that kidnaps three girls and takes them to an undisclosed location. Some of the personalities interact playfully with the girls, while others threaten to kill them… or use them in a plot… or attack them with a “beast.” What does it all mean? We’ll likely find out in a major plot twist near the end of the film, as has been Shyamalan’s staple since The Sixth Sense.

Split comes out Jan. 20, 2017. Will it be better than Lady in the Water? It has to be, right? (Actually, Shyamalan’s worst film is 2008’s The Happening, and this is non-debatable).