July 24, 2016


New Star Trek Series Gets a Name: 'Star Trek Discovery'

On Saturday at San Diego Comic Con, executive producer and writer Bryan Fuller revealed that the upcoming CBS Star Trek series will be titled Star Trek: Discovery. (And no, that doesn't mean the abbreviation is STD. It's DSC.)

Additionally, Comic Con attendees were shown footage of a test flight of the newest spacecraft for the series, called the U.S.S. Discovery, although the design isn't final; the clip was created in a rush for Comic Con. Besides the short teaser, not much else was revealed as to what we’ll see from the CBS TV show other than that it will debut in January 2017, although they have promised diversity among the cast, including some LGBT representation. Netflix will be streaming each of the new episodes for Star Trek: Discovery abroad, but American viewers will have to pay for All Access after the first episode airs on CBS broadcast.

Earlier in the week at Comic Con, the upcoming feature film Star Trek Beyond premiered—producer J.J. Abrams and cast held a moment of silence for the recent death of cast member Anton Yelchin. Star Trek Beyond appears in theaters July 22. 

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