July 21, 2016


'Star Trek' Cast Pays Tribute To Anton Yelchin At Comic Con

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

While the whole world is waiting to see Star Trek Beyond, which premieres tonight, the people at San Diego Comic Con got to glimpse the movie before anyone else on Wednesday night. Producer JJ Abrams and the cast were on hand at the premiere, which was attended by Trekkies young and old.

“There’s something missing. There’s someone missing. Anton should be here," Abrams said in the Embarcadero Marina Park Amphitheater. Anton Yelchin, who played Pavel Chekov in the new Trek movies, died in June during a car accident. He was 27.

Abrams, who recently said that Yelchin's role will not be recast for future movies, held a minute-long moment of silence for the late actor:

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra played the Beyond score live, making the whole premiere more spectacular, and of course, director Justin Lin and Idris Elba were on hand.

Zachary Quinto also paid tribute to Leonard Nimroy, who played Spock before him. Nimroy died at 83 in February. "Here's to Leonard," he said.

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