July 17, 2016


'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Begins Exactly Where 'Episode VII' Ended

Star Wars
Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended with Rey approaching Luke Skywalker on a mountainous island, with the intent of giving him his father's lightsaber. Apparently, this setting will be exactly where the yet-to-be-titled Episode VIII begins—which is a sharp divergence from every other Star Wars film, Deadline reports

At Star Wars Celebration Europe over the weekend, director Rian Johnson told reporters that the opening scene plans for Episode VIII are "a surreal way to start things out,” for both cast and crew. "I didn’t even really think about the notion that we were going to break a long-standing Star Wars tradition,” he said. 

Additionally, Alden Ehrenreich, who stars in the upcoming Hans Solo origin story film, spoke about landing that iconic role: "When it first came along I knew everybody would be going out for it," he said. “I read the sides and loved them and thought, ‘Who knows, but let me give it a shot.'”

Star Wars: Episode VII releases in December 2017. While you're here, live it up with some fancy cosplayers from New York Comic Con 2015: