July 20, 2016


15 Taylor Swift Lyrics for Dealing With Your Haters or Kim Kardashian

screenshot via TaylorSwiftVEVO
screenshot via TaylorSwiftVEVO

Perhaps you've heard that Kim Kardashian leaked a conversation between her husband Kanye West and Taylor Swift, exposing the fact that Taylor was OK with 'Ye's "Famous" lyric in which he says, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex," despite her public denouncing of the song. (It also exposed the fact that he never ran the "I made that bitch famous" line by her, so the world is still reeling from a huge misunderstanding.)

It doesn't matter which side you're on in a fight—listening to Taylor Swift's country-era music is enough to soothe your soul and take you back to simpler times. And while taking a trip down musical memory lane, you might be delightfully stricken by timeless advice written by teenage Taylor.

So, whether you're quarreling with the people who bully you, or, if you're Swift, quarreling with Kim Kardashian, there are many chunks of wisdom to be taken from her songs, old and new.

#1"You have pointed out my flaws again / As if I don't already see them" ("Mean")
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