July 13, 2016


Tenors Apologize After Member Sings 'All Lives Matter' at MLB All-Star Game

In the heated political times the country finds itself in today, there have been some beautiful televised political statements (like at VH1's Hip Hop Honors on Monday) and then some really misguided televised political statements. The latter plagued Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game early on, during a performance of Canada's national anthem.

Operatic pop-vocal quintet The Tenors delivered an a cappella version of "Oh, Canada" to open the game, which sounded gorgeous until member Remigio Pereira decided to give a modern-day makeover to the original lyrics penned in 1880. "With glowing hearts we see thee rise / The True North strong and free," became "We're all brothers and sisters / All lives matter to the great," interjecting the heated phrase many have spoke out about its insensitive nature to the Black Lives Matter progress.

And just in case you missed the lyric changeup, Pereira held up a sign reading "All Lives Matter." 

We're cringing too.

It appears that the singer acted without consent of his bandmates, with the British Columbia–based act putting out a statement on their Twitter account that Pereira "will not be performing with The Tenors until further notice," deeming him a "lone wolf" and calling his actions "shameful." Read below:

Pereira responded on his Twitter account to explain his actions. Without apologizing, he explained: "I've been so moved lately by the tragic loss of life and I hoped for a positive statement that would bring us ALL together," adding "That was my singular motivation when I said all lives matter."