July 15, 2016


Interview: Tinashe Explains 'Superlove''s 'Flirty, Sarcastic' Summer Vibe


As we await Tinashe's sophomore album Joyride, expected out in the fall, we've been getting lil droplets of goodness along the way, including her mixtape Amethyst, her sultry "Energy" with Juicy J and a few unfortunate leaks along the way, which she's spoken out about. But on Friday, Tinashe gave us a taste of her next album with her first single, "Superlove," a playful, summery R&B throwback that lifts the mood from darker recent tracks like "Ride of Your Life."

"They will never touch you like I've touched you," T sings on the hook, sprinkling a healthy amount of wordplay throughout the verses. "Banana all in that split / Bet them girls can't do you like this," she sing-raps.

When we got on the phone with Tinashe a few hours after the drop, she told us exactly where she expects fans to be listening to the song, and how it comes at the perfect time.

Fuse: I like the wordplay in "Superlove." It made me really want a banana split.
Tinashe: [Laughs] I love that. Yes!

So how did this song come together for you?
I really wanted to create a song that had really good, positive energy, something that I could dance to throughout the summer. Something that just made me feel good, you know? I felt like that that was where my heart was at as far as what I wanted to create next. I decided to make this song, just the tempo is just something you want to dance to. It's got throwback vibes, all the retro goodness that I love. And at the same, I think the, like you said, the play on words, it just makes it flirty and fun and sarcastic and for me, that's the vibe I want to go for this summer.

I think we really do need something happy right now.
Definitely. I think there's so much negativity going on. It's good to be a part of something that's brings a little bit of happiness to someone's day, whether it be making them want to dance, or making them just feel good. That's what it's all about.

Is Joyride going to have more of this throwback style?
I think I've always played with throwback moments here and there. I have songs that feel very '90s or kind of throwback-esque. I always love to have that flavor. I don't necessarily think it's an overriding theme for the album, but I've always been a fan of having a lot of different flavors and feelings in my projects. I think that that's what I really stand for as an artist, is just having versatility and being able to play to a lot of different emotions and moods.

I love the single artwork too. That's also very almost '80s, Whitney.
Yeah, thank you! Again, that was something that was true to the song and that '80s throwback feel.

Where do you expect people to be playing this song this summer?
I want people to be playing it in their car when they're driving on a sunny day. The song really just reminds me of a sunny day, good weather, just hanging out with your friends, going to a beach, going to a barbecue. Maybe like at a skating rink or something like that. Like beach party vibes all day. All summer.

The lyrics are already making an impact. Someone on Genius already annotated the lyric "first one to make me wanna drag a ho" and was like, "This man has Tinashe SHOOK!"
[Laughs] I love that!

But it's true. It's about a love that you're super passionate about for the summer.
It's about that, when you first fall for someone and you feel super crazy, like you kinda lost your mind a little bit because you're just super into them. And everything extra and over the top. That's what this touches on. That's the energy that I want to have all summer. Just fun, over-the-top happiness.

Watch Tinashe talk about putting the finishing touches on Joyride below: