July 9, 2016


Listen to Victoria Monét’s New Song ‘Better Days’ Feat. Ariana Grande

Following a week of violent confrontations involving police, Victoria Monét and Ariana Grande have shared a new song, “Better Days.” 

Considering the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the five Dallas police officers, the pop duo ask, “How we gonna stop the violence, stop the hurting, stop the hatred, stop the murders?” Monét wrote in the description of the song: 

“I'm heartbroken by all of the recent tragedies the came as a result of hatred, racism and injustice. Im also sad at how numb some of us are to it, because it is far too common! This is not a video game or a movie you're witnessing on your screens!This is our unfortunate REALITY! When I think about how I feel, the word confused comes to mind...So today we just want to try and help in one of the ways we know how!”

Grande added on her Instagram announcement of the song, “Stay strong and know that better days are coming.” Ronny ‘Flip’ Colson produced “Better Days” and Amber Park created the song’s artwork. 

Listen to “Better Days” in full below.