July 7, 2016


Wavves Ban Trump Supporters, #AllLivesMatter Defenders, Homophobes From Shows

Timothy Norris/Getty Images
Timothy Norris/Getty Images

San Diego rock band Wavves are taking a stand against having ignorant people attend their upcoming summer tour with a concert ban directed at specific groups. Band member Nathan Williams shared a lengthy statement on Twitter, where he says:

"I don't want everyone at my shows to be a clone of each other. However in light of the constant rape, murder, racism, homophobia and misogyny that goes on seemingly every day I feel the need to make clear who I personally make music for, and who I don't."

Williams then goes on write a detailed list of six types of people who aren't allowed at Wavves concerts. They include: #AllLivesMatter supporters, police defenders, Trump supporters, people who blame rape victims, homophobes and racist white people:

“id rather have a room half filled with good energy than one filled with hate. people are suffering every day and the way i see it you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.”

Wavves' summer tour kicks off July 21 in Phoenix, AZ. Below, watch Fuse's throwback interview with Wavves at SXSW: