July 23, 2016


See 'Wonder Woman' Wage War in Film's First Trailer, Revealed at Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con has been a wellspring for exciting movie trailers, and the crowded convention floor was sent into hysterics on Saturday after Warner Bros. unveiled the first trailer for Wonder Woman starring Gal Godot. 

Above, the shield wielding superheroine battles armies and performs some pretty wild combative tricks that look eerily similar to what we've seen in The Matrix. 

Gadot reprises her turn as Wonder Woman, originally introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Rolling Stone notices that plot points are thin in the movie's first trailer, although there is an apparent World War I theme—Chris Pine plays a soldier who washes up on Wonder Woman's shore, somehow convincing her to join the war effort. 

The Patty Jenkins–directed blockbuster, which also features Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and Lucy Davis, hits theaters in June 2017. Next, check out the trailer for DC Comics' other big 2017 film, Justice League, then hang with these excellent cosplayers from New Yock Comic Con 2015: