August 16, 2016


22 Pushup Challenge: Why The Rock, Chris Pratt & More Are in on 'New Ice Bucket Challenge'

The Rock (@therock on Instagram)
The Rock (@therock on Instagram)

Say what you will about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but oh-so-viral Internet trend wound up raising $115 million in eight weeks—which helped fund the important discovery of an ALS-related gene—along with a ton of awareness about the confounding Lou Gehrig's disease. Nearly two years later, there's a new physical challenge in our midst, and this one has another cause to open your eyes.

Deemed the "new Ice Bucket Challenge" in the media, the 22 Pushup Challenge is out to raise awareness about veteran suicide and mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Everyday, 22 veterans who take their own lives every day, and vet service company created this with a goal to reach 22 million pushups to honor those who served the country. At press time, they've reached just over seven million pushups, but we have a feeling they're going to hit their goal very soon.

That's thanks in part to a slew of Hollywood stars already jumping on board with Chris Pratt making the first high-profile attempt at the challenge with wife Anna Farris. The couple do a great job at speaking from their hearts and talking about the cause, plus it's also super entertaining to watch the stars attempt the challenge.

Pratt challenged Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to the challenge, which the Clash of the Corps producer gladly accepted with his dog cheering him on by sloppy puppy kisses. Watch the great video below:

The Rock challenged Kevin Hart, gold medal Olympic swimmer Simone Manuel and Houston Texans player Justin James "J. J." Watt, who accepted and challenged Justin Timberlake, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.

Start working on your pushups; it's going to be one buff summer. Find out more about the Challenge and social media posting guidelines at If you're thinking about harming yourself, you can get help by calling 1-800-273-8255.

For the record, Fuse would love to be challenged. Remember that time we broke the world record for twerking with Big Freedia? Watch below if you need a reminder.