August 26, 2016


‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Trailer: Josh Gad Keeps Getting Reincarnated as a Puppy

Based on the success of Frozen and The Angry Birds Movie, it seems like “Josh Gad plus voice acting” is a pretty positive equation. It’s fitting, then, that Gad’s first major role of 2017 will be voicing a dog—actually, many, many dogs—in the heartwarming-seeming family flick A Dog’s Purpose.

You see, Gad plays a dog named Bailey who grows up alongside a plucky little boy; eventually, Bailey passes on, but his soul enters another dog! It seems as though Bailey reconnects with the boy later in life, once he is yet another dog and once the boy is played by Dennis Quaid. 

“If I can get you licking and loving, I have my purpose,” Gad utters in the trailer. Truer words have yet to be spoken.

A Dog’s Purpose is in theaters Jan. 27, 2017.