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19 Actors Who Should Star in a 'Rugrats' Live-Action Movie

The popular Nickelodeon cartoon is celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, so it's about time for a live-action film...don't you think?

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Asa Butterfield as Tommy Pickles


This British actor may have an adorable cherub face, but his dominant roles in Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang and Hugo prove that Asa can lead his group of baby friends with confidence—Bianca Gracie

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Rupert Grint as Chuckie Finster


Could there really be anyone ELSE to play the ginger-crowned, shy, reasonable Chuckie Finster other than the adorable Rupert Grint? We think not.—Brooke Bunce

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Will Poulter as Phil DeVille


Blame it on his raised eyebrows, but Will Poulter has a naughty look that would make you think he's up to some kind of trouble. His comedic wit, seen in films like 2013's We're the Millers, will also give Phil's character a bit more of an edge.—Bianca Gracie

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Maisie Williams as Lil DeVille


Based on her work as Arya Stark, Maisie Williams could easily inhabit the adorably mischievous sister twin… even without any of the violence of Game of Thrones.—Jason Lipshutz

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Dakota Fanning as Angelica Pickles


Dakota Fanning may look like a sweet angel at first glance, but she also knows how to channel her darker and controlling side, as seen with 2014's Every Secret Thing crime film. She has the perfect childlike devilish touch that Angelica Pickles is all about.—Bianca Gracie

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Skai Jackson as Susie Carmichael


Just like Susie, Skai Jackson is a carefree black girl with a compassionate soul. But as seen with her Twitter spat with Azealia Banks, she isn't afraid to put you in your place—similar to what Susie does with sometimes-BFF Angelica.—Bianca Gracie

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Cameron Boyce as Dylan "Dil" Pickles


I mean…Cameron Boyce looks like a baby, and is cute like a baby, so let’s have him play the baby, cool?—Jason Lipshutz

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Lana Condor as Kimi Finster


Kimi Finster's role belongs to the adventurous, relentlessly likable X-Men: Apocalypse star.—Jason Lipshutz

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Paul Rudd as Stu Pickles


Paul Rudd typically plays hilariously awkward, charmingly cute and sometimes ditzy guy in most of his films (Knocked Up, Anchorman, This is The End, Our Idiot Brother...we could go on). So he's a natural fit for Tommy and Dil's father, Stu Pickles. And how fun would it be to see what kind of wacky toys Paul will come up with?—Bianca Gracie

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Christina Hendricks as Didi Pickles


Didi is the HBIC that keeps the Pickles household from totally crumbling to the ground, so it’s only fitting that the fierce Christina Hendricks could pull off this role with the same effortless grace that helped her make Mad Men’s Joan Holloway so iconic.—Brooke Bunce

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Alan Arkin as Grandpa Lou Pickles


Alan Arkin has been playing the wily senior for the decades! Let him run wild by wandering around babies and laughing to himself.—Jason Lipshutz

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Ryan Gosling as Drew Pickles


Ryan Gosling does have an affinity for rocking a great pair of glasses, so Drew Pickles would be a downright obvious casting decision. It’d be fun to see Gosling’s DILF abilities play out onscreen, too.—Brooke Bunce

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Kim Cattrall as Charlotte Pickles


When I think of boss ass bitches throughout cartoon history, Charlotte Pickles immediately comes to mind. So of course an equally dope and powerful woman has to play her in a film. There is no one better than Kim Cattrall, who will have no trouble owning the CEO role. And just think of how flawless she'll look in those suits!—Bianca Gracie

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Lauren Ash as Betty DeVille


Betty DeVille—a.k.a. Phil and Lil's mom—was a firecracker of a mother, always caffeinated and constantly coming off way more aggressive than hubby Howard or any of the other Rugrats parents. After showcasing her bizarre-yet-hilarious aggressive nature in shows like Super Fun Night and Superstore, Lauren Ash is the perfect actress to take on this pitbull mama. Plus, we think she'd look dope in Betty's signature '80s headband.—Jeff Benjamin

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Jim Parsons as Howie DeVille


Parsons is a natural born comedian, and he'll be able to add some spark to Howie DeVille—Phil and Lil's frustratingly timid father. It'll also be fun to see him go head to head with the twins' opinionated mom Betty.—Bianca Gracie

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Chaz Finster


Jesse Tyler Ferguson has perfected his role as a timid, quiet father on Modern Family, and he could continue to bring that subtly to Chaz Finster—a dad nearly as anxious about the world as his son, Chuckie. But most importantly, Ferguson has a gentle demeanor about him that perfectly encapsulates Chaz, who raised Chuckie on his own for years. Plus, that red hair is a deadringer for Mr. Finster.—Jeff Benjamin

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Kimiko Glenn as Kira Watanabe-Finster


Kimiko Glenn’s breakout performance as the phenomenal (and sometimes frustrating) Soso in Orange Is The New Black only got to show a few sides of her acting abilities. We’d love to see how she would tackle a more mature role as Kira Finster, Chaz's second wife.—Brooke Bunce

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Kerry Washington as Lucy Carmichael

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 31:  Actress Kerry Washington attends the premiere of "Confirmation" at Paramount Theater on th
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Just like Lucy Carmichael, Kerry Washington is every bit of a strong black woman. Her beauty, grace, ability to juggle a million things at once (as seen in Scandal) and maternal nature are all the traits necessary for the Rugrats supermom. —Bianca Gracie

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Morris Chestnut as Randy Carmichael

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -- Episode 336 -- Pictured: Actor Morris Chestnut during an interview on March 1, 2016 -- (Photo
Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Randy Carmichael didn't get a lot of shine in Rugrats, so Morris Chestnut will easily be able to grab the audience's attention with his very handsome features and warm personality.—Bianca Gracie


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