August 8, 2016


Alyson Stoner Talks New Music & Girls Night In Tour Essentials: Interview

Stephen Busken
Stephen Busken

Alyson Stoner is getting prepped for her Girls Night In Tour alongside YouTube stars Niki & Gabi, Alisha Marie and Jessie Paege, which kicks off Aug. 11 in Phoenix, Ariz. But before the girls head on the road for their 24-date trek, we spoke with Alyson on all the essentials she carries on tour.

Read our interview to find out the must-haves for the 22-year-old singer/dancer, as well as the new music she has in the works.

Fuse: I like the girl power theme going on with all the different acts on the tour.
Alyson Stoner: I’ve been speaking at a lot female empowerment conferences for several years, so anything that’s within this theme is a definite yes for me. What I love about this particular group is that we’re all very unique—from the way we dress to how we speak and our talents. I’m happy that we’re all female and we get to represent diversity within femininity and being a woman. Like for my set, I’m not just going to be dancing in a dress and heels. I can still get down and do different styles like hip-hop and house. So it’s gonna be fun being able to show all our different sides and have a lot of girls in the audience being able to relate.

Is there anything you’re nervous about?
I’m nervous that I haven’t finished learning the choreography for my set yet [laughs]. But I’m excited that the two dancers I’m taking are also from the freestyle world, so they have really cool instincts if and when we get off track. We can just figure out something creative on the spot, which will be fun.

How will this differ from all the tours people are used to?
What’s unique about having YouTube personalities is they’re heavily engaged with their audiences. We don’t just perform our own art, we interact through games, challenges and Q&A. So it gets everyone involves and the audience leaves having several genuine moments with us, as opposed to seeing a performer who remains an enigma.

I first heard about you because of your dancing, but some may not know that you’ve also been a singer for a long time. What's the story behind your new single, “Back to Church"?
It was a very personal and difficult time in my life where I was criticized by my own community, when I decided to be authentic and shared with them some struggles and issues that I was facing. But it was too taboo for them, and they sort of exiled me from the group. I realized that what I needed and wanted was to find people who knew about both their own weaknesses, and who could handle the mess. Not just this perfect positive sunlight all the time. So “Back to Church” is about redefining a place and making it truly safe where you can let out your wild side and show all of your colors. It’s about facing, accepting and embracing that without hiding in shame. I would be lying to you if I pretended not to have this side of me.

Your “Boy Is Mine” single is also coming later this month. What can we expect from it? Because the title is sassy...
I’m very proud of the production. It’s probably our strongest and immediate hit single, in my opinion. Basically love can make you crazy, and “Boy Is Mine” is the sharpest possible arrow I could throw at someone who’s trying to interrupt what I have with my relationship. The music video parodies the seemingly innocent sweet girlfriend, who’s actually batshit crazy underneath. I think we’re all a little bit crazy and jealous if the love is good enough. 

Do you have any other music or acting projects that we can look forward to?
The EP is filled with songs that might seem simple or “oh it’s just pop music,” but it shows so many sides of me that most people have not seen yet. It’ll be out in October. And I have a film out called Mr. Invincible. I’m the lead opposite a guy named Jordan Fox. So I definitely love acting, and I make sure I do my creative work and growth during the in-between stages. So when I am on set, I can deliver an original performance and not just all of my roles 2.0, 3.0, just the same. It’s been a busy couple of years, so I’m excited to for everyone to see what I’ve been doing behind closed doors.

Moving on to tour must-haves, what are your favorite beauty products?
I’m typically more concerned with taking care of my skin underneath all the heavy makeup, so I like to use a lot of vegan products if I can for facial scrubs. I have really, really sensitive skin, so I can barely use anything. For hair, I’m starting to use coconut-based products, and that’s been helpful.

Do you take any vitamins?
Eww! Whatever vitamins are still in gummy form, I’ll take them. I’m excited that I’ve now found adult gummy vitamins, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys them.

What keeps you occupied on the road?
I’m going to hopefully learn how to play the guitar, and I’m also going to be learning music production. So those two things will keep me plenty busy. And I don’t watch very many movies, so I’m having my friends make a list of classics that I haven’t seen. Hopefully I can catch up with the rest of the world.

Are there any items that remind you of home?
For me, home is wherever a book and a journal and a pen are. The last tour I was on, I brought photos of family and friends. I’ll probably do that again and put them up on my wall in my bunk, and make it feel like camp all over again. It’s important for me to feel connected, and thankfully there’s FaceTime to stay in touch.

Any go-to jams to get you pumped?
I really love Alicia Keys, Jess Glynne, Emily King and soulful female artists. They don’t necessarily pump me up, but they take me to a more grounded place. That’s actually even more important for me. Because the energy will be there with adrenaline, but I want to make sure that what I deliver is heartfelt. It’s just kind of filling up on people who inspire me, remembering all of their great moments on stage and saying “Hey, let’s find your version of greatness tonight.” That gets me going. 

Do you have a fitness routine?
No, I’m pretty inconsistent! I guess my main concern is taking care of myself from the inside out. Typically when I use that approach I end up getting a decent outer shell. For me, health and fitness are more about me being aware of how important and beautiful life and our bodies are. My shape fluctuates quite a bit, so it’s all about learning to love yourself at all sizes, and not trying to control it. Seasons change, and so does my diet! So does the amount of ice cream pints I eat every week. 

What’s your go-to flavor?
I’m pretty much dairy-free, so I usually go for coconut milk ice cream. There is a So Delicious flavor called snickerdoodle. It’s gluten and dairy free, and you’d think that would impose on its ability to be delicious but it really does not. This morning we had green tea pancakes, so as you can tell I’m not the best at following a rigid diet. But I am good at enjoying the food I do eat!