August 12, 2016


'American Horror Story' Season 6 Teasers Are Absolutely Terrifying: Watch

The upcoming sixth season of FX's American Horror Story appears to be the spookiest one to date, and the series' newest teasers will give you the ultimate chills. The first one rolled out today is titled "The Mist," and shows a freaky-looking monster crawling on a train track while inching closer and closer to the screen.

The second teaser is even more terrifying, and you can watch that one below with caution. An unidentifiable woman wearing a white gown is seen walking up stairs while holding a candle. It appears to be harmless until a shadow creeps up from behind and pulls on her braid.

There is no word on what the actual theme of the new AHS season will be, but we do know that Lady Gaga is returning to the show after her award-winning portrayal as The Countess. Look out for the season six premiere of American Horror Story on Sept. 14. 

But before that, continue the fright fest by checking out our roundup of Wes Creven's scariest scenes ever, and watch Rider Strong reveal his favorite horror movies below: