August 1, 2016


Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Addiction Recovery Home for Women

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images for NARAS
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images for NARAS

To remember Amy Winehouse on the the fifth anniversary of her death, the Amy Winehouse Foundation has announced plans to open an addiction recovery home for women. 

Called Amy’s Place, the house consists of 12 apartments with the ability to house 16 women, reports The Guardian. To give its residents the appropriate rehabilitation support, the home received advice from other women-specific recovery programs to put together a three-month schedule for newly acquainted residents that offers a number of resources like relapse prevention groups and workshops.

Amy’s Place, located in East London, is in many ways a response to the lack of women-specific treatment services in the U.K. Dominic Ruffy, who serves as the special project director at the Amy Winehouse Foundation says, “There are about six women-only rehabs, and beyond that, there’s an even greater paucity of women-specific recovery housing beds.” He also stresses that “there is only one other women-only recovery house in London and it’s only a four-bed with a six-month waiting list.”

Jane Winehouse, Amy’s step-mother, said of the home: 

“This project will make such a profound difference to so many young women, enabling them to have a safe environment in which to rebuild their lives and put into practice all the learning they have acquired through their treatment journey.”

Amy’s Place will open on Aug. 22.