LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 853 -- Pictured: Musical guest Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller performs on June 14
Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have been getting awfully cuddly as of late. So, with everybody speculating about their relationship, we thought we'd dig into their past.

It all started in 2012, when Mac tweeted Ari with a duet proposition.

A few weeks later, they made it happen.

And before "The Way," we got their first duet, "Baby It's Cold Outside."

You can't deny the chemistry they had in "The Way" music video from 2013. He even knew to rap about Bruce Almighty, which stars Ari's favorite actor, Jim Carrey.

Hands on hips, arms around each other, eye-gazing... it's all there. And especially when you see that in the behind-the-scenes video, Ari still keeps her arms around him, even when they aren't rolling.

Here's Mac talking about how they met on Twitter and how she's the "greatest person in the whole world."

They went on to perform that Top 10 hit together several times, including a duet during 2015's Honeymoon Tour. One particularly cute time was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when Grande couldn't help but laugh after Miller's verse.

They promised us more Christmas music, although I'm still waiting for that...

In March of 2016, a fan suggested that Ariana and Miller team up again, and the singer was happy to oblige.

And so, we got the "Into You" remix, with Miller putting his special twist on the song on Aug. 6.

Two weeks later, she was Snapchatting from backstage at Mac Miller's concert:

Two days later, she was sitting on his lap, giggling.

Ariana performed at Billboard's Hot 100 Festival. Mac jumped onstage (seen at 17:10) and before he left, they shook hands cordially, insinuating anything but a professional relationship.

And, most recently, the paps got a shot of them kissing IRL.

A beautiful friendship, indeed.

Watch Mac Miller in a Fuse interview way back in 2013: