August 16, 2016


‘Arrival’ Trailer: Watch Amy Adams Try to Talk to Aliens

If (when?) aliens ever invade Earth, we’re going to need someone to talk to them and maybe (hopefully!) keep our species safe. So goes the plot of Arrival, the upcoming drama starring Amy Adams that just unveiled its first trailer.

An alien invasion prompts the government—which includes Forest Whitaker!—to track down an expert linguist (Adams) to attempt communication. The trailer depicts Adams’ character trying to find common ground as more spacecrafts pop up across the globe and people understandably start feeling a little anxious. “We need to make sure they understand the difference between a weapon and a tool,” she advises.

Arrival comes from Denis Villeneuve, responsible for last year’s excellent Sicario. Also co-starring Jeremy Renner, the drama arrives (!) in theaters on Nov. 11.