August 2, 2016


A$AP Rocky & More Undergo 'Rapper Warrior Ninja' on 'Eric Andre Show'

Adult Swim’s Eric Andre Show returns on August 5 and the program has shared some funny content from the forthcoming season. 

For the Season 4 premiere, Eric Andre invited a few rappers to compete on a segment called “Rapper Warrior Ninja.” What are the rules of the game? Each rapper must freestyle while they make their way through different obstacles: soiled underwear, a mousetrap plank, “ball swing alley,” and a snake pit. Oh, and they are all blindfolded. Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, Go Dreamer, and A$AP Rocky are all challenged.

“This beat is trash / Oh my god I’m bout to bust my ass,” raps Danny Brown as he attempts the challenge. There’s also a gladiator-type dude who tries to knock the rappers off the plank. Danny Brown gets knocked into the pool of snakes. Watch the preview above. 

Revisit a Fuse interview with A$AP Rocky below: