August 9, 2016


B.A.P Drops Colorful Club Cut 'That's My Jam': Watch

For their latest release, the members of B.A.P continue to show new sides of their image while still proving they can conquer new sounds.

Production-wise, the sextet's new single "That's My Jam" is an industrial club cut that boasts a deep-house sound and buzzing synthesizers. The guys bring their signature rap styles to the verses (Yongguk and Zelo sounds particularly comfortable on the beat), while the vocalists push to hit the high notes and bring a chant-heavy chorus. 

Meanwhile, the accompanying music video sees B.A.P showcasing more of their personalities like they did in "Feel So Good" earlier this year. Once again, the boys are having fun and get to act their age—drinking beers, whiling out with friends, clubbing—and looking like they're having a blast on set.

Ultimately, "That's My Jam" feels like a continuation of the feel-good, personality-driven "Feel So Good," showing B.A.P growing more into themselves as young men. 

"That's My Jam" leads off B.A.P's new Put'em Up EP, that comes with two other new songs, "Do What I Feel" and "What More Can I Say." Below, watch a classic Fuse interview we did with B.A.P during their first-ever U.S. tour date: