August 23, 2016


Explore the 'Blair Witch' Woods in Interactive Virtual Reality Experience

In less than a month, the grandaddy of found-footage horror films will get a proper sequel—a surprise sequel—with Blair Witch. The 1999 original spawned the big-budget-stylized misfire that was Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 one year later, but we're now wiping the slate clean for another trip into Maryland's Black Hills Forest, just outside the infamously creepy town of Burkittsville.

To hype the movie ahead of its Sept. 16 release, Lionsgate has launched a 360-degree interactive virtual reality experience at Blair Witch's official site. Watch an introduction above, then force yourself to live in terror in the dark, creaky woods—if you dare, which we barely do.

Once you've cheated death and made it through the Blair Witch VR experience, check out a new TV ad for the Adam Wingard–directed sequel below, and revisit the debut trailer right here.