August 25, 2016


New 'Blair Witch' Trailer: Come Get Stuck in a Tunnel in the Woods

Don't you love it when a beautiful forest becomes a horrendous nocturnal shitshow? Welp, too late, you're here, and you're gonna watch this new trailer (via Collider) for Blair Witch, the "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 never happened!!" sequel to the pioneering 1999 original.

Unlike the first trailer, we've got advance notice that the movie exists this time, which makes it even more uncomfortable. The Blair Witch Project didn't turn out well for anyone involved, so this squad's chances of survival/getting out without life-ending PTSD are pretty slim. Especially this one woman you're about to see stuck in a watery, root-studded tunnel. Gross.

There's also this new, very very very red poster, which is great except for its reliance on the least imaginative tagline in U.S. history, "There's something evil hiding in the woods":

The Adam Wingard–directed Blair Witch hits theaters Sept. 16. (This is an international trailer, so ignore that plug for the 15th.) Earlier this week the movie's official website launched a 360-degree interactive virtual reality experience you should definitely check out. 

Next, listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast talk about horror movies and this year's preeminent cinematic tale of witchcraft, The Witch, at the 11:40 mark in the episode below: