Suga Takes the Spotlight With 'Agust D' Mixtape: Why You Should Know the BTS Rapper's Alter Ego

Just as the era for BTS' Young Forever album came to a close with the final tour stop for the accompany album hitting Tokyo on Aug. 14, a new one unexpectedly started with member Suga dropping his debut mixtape Agust D on the 15th. The 10-track release not only thrust the 23-year-old rapper in the solo spotlight, but introduced his alter-ego that the tape was named after; an alter-ego that showcases the star's ear for hot productions, hardcore rap style, and how he can make his vulnerabilities a strength.

From the beginning of the tape, Suga is set on introducing you to this new side of himself with the song "Agust D" following right after the intro track sets the mood. The track samples James Brown's 1966 hit "It's a Man's Man's Man's World," but rather than simply snatching parts of the track, Suga finds a way to subtly reinterpret it that would perk up the ears of the hardest hip-hop fans.