August 18, 2016


Christina Grimmie's 'Anybody's You' Video Gets a Twist Ending: Watch

Christina Grimmie's second posthumous video from Side A has arrived, and it continues 'The Ballad of Jessica Blue,' but this time, we're left with soooo many questions.

In "Snow White," Grimmie hung out with girlfriends while questioning her relationship with a dude who isn't very supportive of her showcase on Friday night. In the new video, she edges closer to her showcase, and she can't quite pinpoint how she's feeling.

Jessica follows her boyfriend to see if he's cheating, but when she goes to confront him, something unreal happens. She's left unloading to her grandma, who then leads her elsewhere—that unseen location, we assume, might be the setting of the next video, out next week.

Watch "Snow White" below: