August 2, 2016


Video: What If James Bond Was Hunting Pokémon All This Time?

James Bond goes on a lot of missions. Usually they're related to stopping terrorism, getting vengeance or saving someone, but what if 007 just wanted to be the very best, to catch 'em all? Funny or Die figured it out.

Watch above as Daniel Craig's Bond uses his fancy cars, limitless tech and debonair looks to complete life's one true mission: becoming a Pokémon GO champion.

Okay, so it's basically a supercut of Bond looking at his phone, only with the world's hottest mobile game superimposed onto it, but we're happy with it. Especially that mind-blown look when Bond finally scores that Pikachu, thanks to a YouTube tutorial. And that Liam Neesons cameo.

Listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast chat about Pokémon GO at the 29-minute mark in the episode below: