August 24, 2016


David Bowie Isn't Actually Sampled or Featured on Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

Getty Images
Getty Images

When Frank Ocean's Blonde dropped by total surprise over the weekend (who puts out an album right after an entirely different visual album?!), the list of contributors was staggering and mysterious. While a few of the collaborations were immediately clear (André 3000 on "Solo (Reprise)," Beyoncé on "Pink + White"), many more still aren't. 

Today we've got a slight disappointment in this department: While David Bowie was on the list, the late legend's rep tells Pitchfork he was neither sampled nor in studio cahoots with Frank.  "The rep, who speculates Frank probably credited Bowie as an influence, did share a full-page photo tribute that appeared in the magazine," the site writes. See the photo here.

Speaking of influences, listen to Frank's 52 favorite songs right here. Then listen to the Back of the Class podcast talk about the dude at the 21:25 mark in the episode below: