August 10, 2016


Drake's Dad Is Recording an R&B Album Because He Definitely Should

Johnny Nunez/BET/Getty Images for BET
Johnny Nunez/BET/Getty Images for BET

In today's totally necessary news, Drake's dad is recording an R&B album, because the ladies love him. (No, seriously, the ladies love him.) 

That's right: Like son, like father. Or however it goes. Aubrey Graham's papa is getting into the music game, and he's already shared the first snippet of his project, "Kinda Crazy."

The 60-year-old Dennis Graham teamed up with Jamie Iovine, the son of music mogul Jimmy Iovine, for the new track, TMZ reports. The paparazzi hub has a clip of the video below, which will have you screaming, "Dad! Stop!" and running to your room.

That OVO necklace though...

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