August 1, 2016


Lollapalooza: 10 Magical Moments From Ellie Goulding's Headlining Set

Timothy Hiatt/WireImage
Timothy Hiatt/WireImage

After a musical whirlwind over the past few days, the final night of Lollapalooza's 25th anniversary wrapped up in the most electric way. The headliners included LCD Soundsystem, ZHU and Ellie Goulding—all artists who have mastered the dance/pop/rock fusion genre in their unique style. But for my last hurrah in Chicago, I decided to trek over to the Bud Light stage to witness Ellie's glorious dance party.

The U.K. songstress' set amped up whatever energy I had left, as she performed with such a fervor that I had no choice but to throw my hands in the air and soak in the remaining festival moments. The artist performed fan favorites including "Army," "Lights," "Burn," "On My Mind," "Something in the Way You Move" and "I Need Your Love."

The night was so joyful that I rounded up all the magical moments from during Ellie's set to share with you all:

1. Flashing lights: Ellie's staging was one of the more spectacular ones at the fest, as it featured intense gold lights and a waterfall of fireworks.

2. In shape: Um, can we talk about the singer's incredibly toned legs? It's no wonder that she scored a deal with Nike last year!

3. Let's dance! Ellie was carefree throughout her entire set and danced like she was in the comfort of her bedroom.

4. Rocking out: There was a very cute moment when she broke out into a mini air guitar jam session.

5. Balloons everywhere: Lighted hot pink and white balloons appeared to fall from the sky and got the audience even more thrilled.

6. A love affair: A girl in front of me gave her boyfriend a smooch mid-dance, and exclaimed, "You're the best!" It was absolutely adorable.

7. Ellie's quirky side: Fans couldn't help but to chuckle every time Ellie huskily said, "Thank you" into the microphone. She sounded like an Elvis Presley-Christina Aguilera-Celine Dion hybrid.

8. Fun accessories: I saw my fair share of flower crowns at Lollapalooza, but Ellie's set was the first time I spotted one that lit up. 

9. Let's slow it down: The singer's acoustic version of her 2011 smash "Lights" was an endearing moment that led to a singalong from the audience.

10. Feel the joy: In the middle of her performance, Ellie asked her fans if they were hugging. Seconds later, strangers all around the field held each other in a friendly embrace.

Below, watch a day in the life montage featuring Fuse staffers at Lollapalooza 2016: