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Fall 2016

Fall Movie Preview: The 31 Films You Need to See

From 'Fantastic Beasts' to 'Star Wars,' from the latest Oliver Stone biopic to the most eagerly awaited book adaptation since 'Gone Girl," here are the movies we can't wait to watch before 2017!

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Release date: Sept. 9
The scoop: The story of Chesley “Sully” Sullenburger landing a plane in the Hudson River is dramatized by Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood, who focused on the aftermath of the heroic act—and whether it was heroic at all. - Jason Lipshutz

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‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’

Release date: Sept. 16
The scoop: The lovably quirky Bridget Jones (a.k.a. Renée Zellweger) is back, and this time, it seems like everything’s going her way… that is, until she finds out she’s pregnant. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t know who the father is. Join Team Darcy or Team Jack! - Emilee Lindner

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'Blair Witch'

Release date: Sept. 16
The scoop: Seventeen years after The Blair Witch Project, we're getting the genuine sequel that Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 never even dared trying to be. The fast-track to recapturing the groundbreaking original's vibe, of course, was hitting the found-footage format again, and making one of the stars a younger brother to the original's Heather. - Zach Dionne

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Release date: Sept. 16
The scoop: Joseph Gordon-Levitt links up with Oliver Stone to tell the story of the computer geek-turned-NSA thwarter from 2013. This is, ahem, sensitive material, but don’t expect Stone (W., Nixon, Natural Born Killers) to pull any punches. - Jason Lipshutz

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Release date: Sept. 16
The scoop: Rob Zombie will not stop making ultra-gory horror flicks, and why would we ever want him to? With 31, starring his wife Sheri Moon Zombie and five sadistic clowns anxious to play a murderous game, Zombie may have truly outdone himself. - Jason Lipshutz

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‘Queen of Katwe’

Release date: Sept. 23
The scoop: We’ve been hearing rumblings about this film for a while, and finally, Disney brings the true story of Chess champion Phiona Mutesi to life this fall. Also starring David Oyelowo and Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, this movie wants you leaving the theater with a warm heart and spouting “checkmate!” as a catchphrase. - Malikah Shabazz

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‘The Magnificent Seven’

Release date: Sept. 23
The scoop: Denzel Washington is re-teaming with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua for a remake of the classic 1960 western. Rounding out Denzel’s group of rogue outlaws: Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’Onofio, among others. Rounding out the script: True Detective mastermind Nic Pizzolatto. - Jason Lipshutz

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'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'

Release date: Sept. 30
The scoop: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is based on the 2011 novel of the same name and should be yet another slam dunk of a twisted blockbuster for Tim Burton. Teenage boy Jacob (played by rising British actor Asa Butterfield) unravels a mystery and enters a new world, meeting the "peculiar children" that help him discover his own peculiarities. We can't wait to see all the special effects to show off their powers. - Jeff Benjamin

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‘Deepwater Horizon’

Release date: Sept. 30
The scoop: If tragedy is your thing, then Deepwater Horizon will give you the heartbreaking dose of reality that you need. The film, starring Mark Wahlberg, Dylan O'Brien and Kate Hudson, details the events around the explosion of an offshore drilling facility in 2010 that created the worst oil spill in U.S. history. - Emilee Lindner

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'American Honey’

Release date: Sept. 30
The scoop: Starring Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough and Sasha Lane in her debut film role, American Honey follows a band of misfits as they travel throughout the Midwest. Along the way, they get in trouble with the law, fall in love and enjoy being blissful millennials. Forget Halsey for a moment, because this promising film is the true “New Americana.” - Bianca Gracie

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‘The Birth of a Nation’

Release date: Oct. 7
The scoop: This 2016 Sundance favorite gets its theatrical release after scoring the biggest distribution deal in festival history. Based on the true story of the 1831 slave rebellion led by Nat Turner, the movie is set to be an Oscar contender if the controversy surrounding director Nate Parker’s past doesn’t turn it radioactive. - Malikah Shabazz

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‘The Girl on the Train’

Release date: Oct. 7
The scoop: Gone Girl version 2.0? The Girl on the Train also comes from a wildly popular bestseller, and is another mystery that involves domestic dispute and a possible murder. Pick up Paula Hawkins’ 2015 page-turner before Emily Blunt stars in the film in October. - Jason Lipshutz

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'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’

Release date: Oct. 21
The scoop: Tom Cruise is reprising his role as Jack Reacher in the sequel to the surprise 2012 hit. The former military cop, along with actress Cobie Smulders, kicks a ton of ass in the trailer alone, so get ready for another action-packed ride. - Bianca Gracie

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'Keeping Up With the Joneses’

Release date: Oct. 21
The scoop: This comedy captures all of our thoughts about those neighbors who just seem a little ‘too’ perfect. It stars Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis as a couple who recently moved into a suburban area. They become suspicious about the gorgeous next-door neighbors the Joneses (played by Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot), and soon get caught up in a secret agent operation.  - Bianca Gracie

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‘American Pastoral’

Release date: Oct. 21
The scoop: Philip Roth’s 1997 novel is the subject of Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut. After Dakota Fanning’s character commits an act of political terrorism, how will McGregor’s patriarch hold the family together? - Jason Lipshutz

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‘Ouija: Origin of Evil'

Release date: Oct. 21
The scoop: Once again, that mystifying children's game becomes nightmare-inducing in this supernatural-horror flick that acts as a prequel to 2014's Ouija. It's got just the right amount of nostalgia to pull you in, and the freaky storylines should get you hooked. - Jeff Benjamin

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Release date: Oct. 28
The scoop: Da Vinci Code stans have longed for the return of Tom Hanks as symbology expert Robert Langdon, and this fall, the wait is over. Inferno brings director Ron Howard back into the fold, and features Oscar nominee Felicity Jones in her first stint with the franchise. - Jason Lipshutz

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Release date: Nov. 4
The scoop: Interracial marriage wasn't legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court until 1967, when Mildred and Richard Loving won a fight that started when they were wed in D.C. nine years earlier. Telling the story (which was made into an HBO doc that premiered on Valentine's Day 2012) are the deft writer/director Jeff Nichols (Mud, Midnight Special and Take Shelter) and dynamite lead actors Joel Edgerton (Zero Dark Thirty, The Great Gatsby) and Ruth Negga (Preacher, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), who has already said Loving is “the most important film I’ve ever made and one of the most important films in history, I think.” - Zach Dionne

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‘Doctor Strange’

Release date: Nov. 4
The scoop: The Marvel universe is expanding to include Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars as the greatest neurosurgeon to ever uncover mystical superpowers. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams and Tilda Swinton help round out the cast. - Jason Lipshutz

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Release date: Nov. 4
The scoop: You already know the classic '80s toy (wild hair and bejeweled belly buttons), plus the movie's theme song (if you haven't heard Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling!,” we're worried you never left the house this summer); soon enough, the adorable Trolls will make their way to the big screen in this new Dreamworks flick. JT voices one of the little creatures alongside a slew of superstars like Gwen Stefani, Zooey Deschanel, Anna Kendrick and James Corden. - Jeff Benjamin

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‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’

Release date: Nov. 11
The scoop: After Ang Lee struck (more) gold with The Life of Pi, his latest drama focuses on a soldier’s return and meditation on his psychological scars during an NFL halftime show. Based on the Ben Fountain book of the same name, Billy Lynn stars total newcomer Joe Alwyn in the titular role. - Jason Lipshutz

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'The Edge of Seventeen'

Release date: Nov. 18
The scoop: It's the classic story of an awkward high school student seeing life become more awkward when dating gets thrown into the mix, but the major plus here is Oscar-nominated actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld in the starring role. - Jeff Benjamin

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'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’

Release date: Nov. 18
The scoop: We may not be receiving any more Harry Potter films, but J.K. Rowling is helping to ease the pain with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Directed by David Yates, the upcoming film will star Eddie Redmayne as British magizoologist Newt Scamander. The Ministry of Magic master will be joined on screen by Katherine Waterson, Colin Farrell and Ezra Miller. Raise your anticipation levels even higher by reading our complete guide to the film here. - Bianca Gracie

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‘Bad Santa 2'

Release date: Nov. 23
The scoop: More than a decade later, Billy Bob Thornton is back to reprise his Bad Santa role. The raunchy holiday movie—which comes out right around Thanksgiving, mind you—also brings in Tony Cox, Kathy Bates and Christina Hendricks. - Jeff Benjamin

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Release date: Nov. 23
The scoop: Disney’s first Polynesian Princess Moana is sure to find her way into the heart on young girls everywhere, while Dwayne Johnson, in his most high-profile voice acting role, is sure to keep his place in the hearts of those young girls’ mothers (and everyone else, too). - Malikah Shabazz

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Release date: Nov. 25
The scoop: Dev Patel is stepping it up yet again with Lion, which also co-stars Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara. After a 5-year-old boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, an Australian family adopts him, but now that he’s an adult, he’s looking to reunite with his lost family. - Emilee Lindner

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‘A United Kingdom’


Release date: Nov. 25
The scoop: Based on a true story, A United Kingdom documents the life of Seretse Khama, King of Bechuanaland (present-day Botswana), and his marriage to office worker Ruth William, much to the dismay of their families and the British and South African governments. It’s directed by  Amma Asante and stars David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike. Plus, Tom Felton from Harry Potter is in it, so that’s dope. - Emilee Lindner

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‘La La Land’

Release date: Dec. 2
The scoop: The dynamic duo of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling has teamed up onscreen for the third time. In La La Land, they’re an aspiring actress and jazz musician, looking to make dreams come true, on top of a beautiful romance. And John Legend is executive producing the film, so you know there’s going to be good music involved. - Emilee Lindner

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‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

Release date: Dec. 16
The scoop: Before the saga of Rey, Finn and the rest of the Force Awakens gang continues next year, Disney and Lucasfilm have dropped into the franchise a standalone stopgap film which follows a rebel crew’s plan to thwart the Death Star prior to Episode IV: A New Hope. Because of the brand name, this Star Wars anthology film will still be one of the biggest of the year; click here for a complete guide on Rogue One. - Jason Lipshutz

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‘The Founder’

Release date: Dec. 16
The scoop: Fun fact: The last two Best Picture winners starred Michael Keaton, newly rejuvenated after a long hiatus away from the spotlight (pun intended). Focusing on the rise of McDonald’s in the 1950s, The Founder finds Keaton trying to go 3-for-3 with the help of director John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side). - Jason Lipshutz

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Protozoa Pictures

Release date: TBA
The scoop: Natalie Portman will be bringing her effortless grace to the big screen, as she portrays Jackie Kennedy in the upcoming biopic. The film, produced by Black Swan’s Darren Aronofsky, follows the former First Lady’s days before and after JFK’s assassination. While an official trailer hasn’t been released yet, Jackie (which also stars Peter Sarsgaard as Robert F. Kennedy and Greta Gerwig as a member of the White House staff) has received rave reviews since its Cannes screening. - Bianca Gracie

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